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Kevin Grossi - Chef/Owner

A true Midwestern boy, Kevin is a Michigander who knew his path from an early age. He wasted no time starting a cooking career by enrolling in the Schoolcraft College culinary program in Livonia, Mi. post high school graduation. From there the quest to eat, learn and work under amazing chefs like Brain Polcyn and Joseph Decker in order to grow became an addiction. 

With time in Boston, San Diego and Vail , Kevin finally settled in Denver where he pulled cooking stints at Tamayo, Zengo, The Coral Room, Parisi’s, Jax Fish House and Lola. His hard work, diligent effort and knack for putting bold flavors together on a plate for adoring guests made him the perfect chef to open Jax Fish House in Fort Collins, Co. There he rekindled his relationship with farmers of all types, took the town by storm with his fish to farm to table approach and established Jax as a powerhouse in the northern Colorado community. 

With a move back down to Denver, a return to Lola as the head chef, was something that was always on his mind. Being named the new chef there he was able to take Lola to amazing new places with his fresh ideas, relentless pursuit of the local bounty and unique perspective on Mexican Fish House fare. 

Being with the Big Red F group for 6 years, Kevin took the bold move to open his own concept, The Regional. A true taste of home, by recreating American hometown cuisine. Bringing the soul and comfort back to the great city of Denver. 

When not in the kitchen Kevin spends his time maintaining relationships with farmers in Fort Collins and across the front range, shredding in snowcapped mountains, ripping some single tracks on his mountain bike and tending to his garden.


Vanessa Garcia

The passionate Vanessa Garcia made her move away from home and studied cooking in the cosmopolitan capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. Her cooking influences come partly in her upbringing in coastal Uruguay, where fresh quality ingredients are commonplace in the kitchen, and from an innate curiosity about world foods. Both Argentinean and Uruguayan cooking rely on a simple palette of flavors, with excellent meats and fresh breads as staples.

 When she returned to the United States she spent two years cooking at Restaurant Kevin Taylor. It was there that she began to appreciate more complex arrangements of ingredients. Next she spent two years at Lola Mexican Fish House in the Highlands. It was there that her heritage of coastal eating became a more developed appreciation of the varieties and style of fish preparation and presentation.

 One of the most important elements of cooking to Vanessa is the nearly infinite possibilities of world cuisine, and the potential of travel and lifelong learning.